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The Mothman / Moon Goon


He Struck fear into the heart of the Ohio River Valley!

Checkout the Official Mothman Site on the upcoming movie.

  • A Brief History: The Story of the Mothman
    In November 1966 Mothmen were reportedly responsible for the death of a German shepherd named Bandit. He and his owner, a building contractor named Newel Partridge, resided in Salem, West Virginia. His story goes: Late one night while watching TV, the reception to the TV went out. When the TV tube went blank, it was replaced with a fine herringbone design that glowed faintly. A humming sound could be heard from the TV speaker as this went on. Partridge's dog, Bandit, was barking viciously outside so he grabbed a flashlight to investigate. Once outside, Partridge shined the flashlight towards the barn - the direction Bandit was barking. What captured his attention in the beam of light was a large man-like figure with eyes that shone like red bicycle reflectors. He and Bandit began to head toward the barn when a sense of dread, paranoia and incredible fear overcame him. He described the sensation he felt as "unnatural." He was afraid, but this type of fear was almost hallucinogenic. He hurried back to the house and closed the door. He spent the rest of the night with a loaded shotgun in his bed.

    When Partridge awoke the next morning, he went in search of clues as to what might of happened the previous night. Bandit's tracks led straight to the spot where the creature was seen near the barn. The dog's tracks went round and round in the same spot but never left the area. Bandit was never heard from again.

    RESOURCES The Mystery of the Mothman - Revisited Mothman! Urban Legends and Other Postmodern Mythology Mothman! Alien Creature in West Virginia?

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