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  • The Court Street Grill:
    The Court Street Grill was established in the 1930s and is one of the longest operating Taverns in Pomeroy and Southeastern Ohio.

  • Ripley’s Listings:
    Pomeroy has been listed twice in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! believe it or not!!! One listing is for the Court House and the fact it’s ground-level accessible, on all three floors! The second listing (as seen on our wall) is there are no cross-streets in Pomeroy. No other city in the US can make this claim!

    Ripley's Banner

    Ripley's Cross Streets

  • Salt & Coal Mines:
    The river city of Pomeroy became a very important port for river trade and because of its salt, bromine, and coal. Names like Excelsior Salt, White Rock Salt, Ohio River Salt, and The Plains Mills were some of the large salt producing companies. In 1943, Ohio was the third largest salt producing state in the US, topped only by New York and Michigan. Coal mining became a big industry in Meigs County in the early 1930’s.

  • Census Numbers:
    The population of Meigs County went from a mere 4,480 in 1820 to 26,534 in 1860! The highest population of 32,325 was recorded in 1880.

  • Railroad Tales:
    The last steam locomotive to travel the rails through downtown Pomeroy is recorded by the photo below. There was also a street car line for Pomeroy, Middleport, Racine, and Syracuse citizens. The trolley system, known as the P&M Railway and Power Company ran from 1900 until around 1929. You can still see railroad sign posts and the level area of the railroad bed when driving along the river East of downtown.

    The Last Steam Locomotive

  • Flood Facts:
    Pomeroy and the surrounding areas have seen their share of high water. Just look at the many photo below and on the wall of the Court Street Grill and you can see just how bad it got! The highest recorded floods were those of April 1913, and January 1936. The waters crested at 68 feet and were lapping the top of the Court House steps outside our window! Just imagine, the water would have been to the ceiling of the Court Street Grill!

    Pomeroy Main Street Flood

  • Miscellaneous Pictures: Logging
    Twice since the colonization of Ohio has the land been clear-cut. The picture below illustrates what the Pomeroy riverfront looked liked in the late 1800s.

    Clearcut Trees

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